Black Dungeon VR

- 1 min


I built this simple game, targeting Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality headsets, using Unity and the SteamVR SDK.

✓ Developed, from the ground up, all the game mechanics and components reaching a frame rate of 90fps to avoid motion sickness.

✓ Implemented all the VR locomotion and interactions using the SteamVR Unity SDK.

✓ Enhanced the project with speech recognition functionality for providing help to the user and improving presence in VR.

✓ Added Natural Language Processing (NLP) using Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services and Microsoft Azure Language Understanding (LUIS).

✓ Used assets from the Unity Assets Store for the environment.

More details about the implementation and findings have also been described in this session at the NDC London 2021 Conference. Slides are available here.

Davide Zordan

Davide Zordan

Senior Software Engineer

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